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Ratna & Wan l Reception + Outdoor

Layan kan photo ni dulu ye. My BFF reception was held on last 21st October. Me and Mr Fiancé jadi pengapit + photographer jugak. All photo taken by Encik Abi and edit by me. Enjoy!

Terrific Thursday

Credit Photo - Mohd Faizul - Pejul

Kifarah Hidup

Sometimes, life isn't happen like you wish. It will be - Allah give you the other way round or He give you better one or more than you wish. The key is just 'patient' and do not stop to pray. Allah heard whatever we said  although we just whisper it soundly or we just keep it at our heart. I still remember how I cried to get someone that I love back to my life, but I been insult like I am the one who should be blame on. I just pray to Allah to give me a better way, better life and a strength to face all the things. Although its really hard, but I did it.

My advice, just simple :
Please don't pray bad things to happen to other people, although that person treat you badly. You do not know when is your life will came across again. As Allah know and He will do His part.

Fate is full of irony, what you dish out will come back for you.  You will get served what you deserve That is fact of kifarah hidup. 


"Jika  orang mencelamu  maka hakikatnya ia tel…

Ratna Solemnization - 6 oct

Happy newly wed for Ratna & Wan May your marriage last till Jannah. All our bless & pray will with you always.

Cantik kan Babies Breath? 

Credit photo : Faizul & Emma

October : Miss U, Love U

Today is 4th Oct, that means we was 24 days apart and this is the longest time that we do not see each other. My Fiancé now stay kat Taiping. This is what he does on my wall tak termasuk sms and call yang selang sejam. Sampai ari tu I termarah dia, sebabnya I tension keja then tak tau nak marah sape dia plak yang jadi mangsa. Sorry ye selalu je kena marah dengan I. Thank you for your concern, tanya I dah makan ke belum, makan ubat ke tak kalau sakit. Ensure I breakfast and tolong tenangkan I bile I tension keja. I takde kawan dinner and kawan nak bergaduh. Thats the most part yang paling terasa. 24 days without argument with him.  Thank you dear for loving me as I am & I really miss you. Macamane la rupa dia nanti bila jumpakan?

Last nite we having small celebration for Ratna before her solemnization on 6th October. Within 2 days she will be Puan Ratnasari :) So happy for her.  Me, Emma,Mas, Pedos & Pejul have own task include Nilam - Ratna's Twin.

Emma & Pejul…


This is what I read recently.

“The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman is seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides. True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It's the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she shows & the beauty of a woman only grows with passing years.” 
― Audrey Hepburn

Hikmah dan Aturan-Nya


Menadah tangan kerdil ini meminta belas ihsan Nya Meminta semua yang baik datang dengan jalan yang lurus Meminta dijauhkan dari bencana Mendoakan yang baik untuk orang yang disekelilingnya

Aku selalu bertanya padaMu
Mengapa jalan aku sukar?
Ada yang lebih baik untuk ku di hadapan

Sesungguhnya sujudku tanda syukur  Sujudku untuk Mu Ya Allah 
Credit photo to Leena

Its Rain and I love it!

Its raining outside. Still.  I just love every drops purify the earth from the cloud. I just love the smell and the coldness is really comfort me. When the sun shine again, is like new hope of the new life. Its like rise after fall Its like new chapter has begun
.      .       .
On last 8th Sept,I happened to attend my friends wedding in Perak and end up knowing she's my fiancé relative. I was like speechless, dah la I knowing this girl because of my ex. Then end up she saudara with Farih. What a small world kan.   
Basically, bila I datang perak, it would be weekend trip. We will go on Saturday morning then balik Sunday evening. So attend the wedding first kt Sri Iskandar then baru singgah Kuala Kangsar.
So layankan few photo took during Perak getaway.
Puteri wedding at Sri Iskandar
Beautiful Princess

Ahad pagi Farih ada bbq dengan his friends kat waterfall, so I menyibuk je. Sebab I takde mood nak mandi  then I just took photo around the place with fiancé DSLR.

we just loved choco color rec…

Long Pause with Long Do list

It will be long post after long holiday (I guess so) as I have few random topics to talk about. First and foremost it’s about my DH which is officially ended in Malaysia on last Tuesday (on 3rd Hari Raya). The most part that I like is when Lynette gave a speech to Renee & Ben. It’s really deep true! I am so happy that the DH is end up just like the way it started. It is just the sweet & simple goodbye from them. I have learnt a lot from this series. Sometimes our ignorance on what happen or taking thing for granted, without realize this is could be a ‘virus’ in your life. I could relate myself on certain incident did happened in my life before; I was young and never think the consequence. Things happen, learn to forget and forgive, give and take and love people surround you.
Dear Bree, Susan, Lynette and Gabby, I will tremendously miss you. All of you are friends who always made me laugh, cried and be good person indeed.You are type of friends that all women should have in this…

Ramadhan & Syawal

17th August 2012 bersamaan 27 Ramadhan 1433.

Finally, I reached home after few hours inside the bus. Its long journey, as it took me 10pm till 6.30am from Penang to Johor.

What a great feeling, because this is my first time brbuka puasa with my family untuk puasa tahun ni.
All Aini's are here, accept my 3rd sister as she had to work till 3 Syawal.. so, it going 5 of us. and i will be on leave till 26th August.

So, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my Muslim readers or whoever read this blog, Im seeking your forgiveness for any my bad words or any bad things that I done throughout this year.


Another Day

It just a week left my 3 months (hectic). I am terrifically missed those weekend that I have to 'cut' nicely and shared with Arts ED, Farih, friends, work and my personal time. There is fight, happy and the most is cancellation or changing the time to suit with my schedule. I know that I'm being so selfish during that 3 months. So sorry for being that!

You know that kind of feeling..when you really busy for quite sometimes and suddenly you have nothing to do. Weird kan? rasa pelik je. The most thing that I missed is all the good performance throughout the a month event.

I manage to catch Manganiyar Seduction on 8th July and it was superb shows from India.
That link is just 1 part of the shows. You may check it out more in YouTube.
GTWHI festival officially ended yesterday and I missed Tropfest which held at Penang Botanical Garden caused I have sudden visit by few frens from Taiping, so have to entertain them. Makan hati gak la tak dapat pegi tengok. I wish I can have it …

Bertemu Sepi

Bertemu Sepi
Semalam waktu hujan lebat Aku berteman sepi Tinggal sebentar semua yang melelahkan
Malam tadi sepi brtamu lagi Secangkir kopi hitam jadi hidangan Sudah lama tidak dipangku sepi Sekali sekala apa salahnya Melayan sepi buat peneman malam
Malam ini aku harap lagi Tapi sepi tidak kembali Yang ada cuma secangkir kopi Atas meja bersama puisi dia Dan hingar meledak kembali seperti sepi tak pernah wujud
Bila lagi akan aku ketemu sepi?
Salam Sya'ban 1433

Kiss Them Goodbye

My blogging spirit is coming back ^_^ Yeayyy…maybe excited about the HH kot or sebab currently major tool down kat office and tak tau nak buat ape untuk mengisi masa lapang…
Sape suka tengok Desperate Housewives (DH)?  *cepat angkat tangan tinggi-tinggi* I nak kire.... Okay, 1, 2, 3,...3 ratus,5 ratus, 10 ratus....... 2 juta...3 juta...ramaikan? I adalah salah seorang peminat tegar DH, gila tak minat? dari season 1 I follow you tau.. Although there is CD available for each season, but I still tunggu on tv punye citer. Perasaan tunggu babak seterusnya , then tengah-tengah best tu tiba2 iklan…haih rasa yang sukar di gambarkan. Best tu..
I rase my both cats was fit themselves dengan kerenah I yang menangis bila tengok Tom & Lynette gaduh, cried again when 4 of them starting to fight and apart from each other’s, laugh when see Susan & Lynette fight just because to name their grandchildren. Who watch in ABC, it was finished few weeks ago. In Malaysia the episode still air every Tuesday …

Sepet and her new friend

Sepet yang comel ni kalau tidur memang tak ingat dunia :)

Meet her new friends 'Princess Isabella' a.k.a kecik Tengah fight tp berenti dulu sebab nak amik gambar...sabar je lah

Princess was found at the mosque , masa Farih nak sembahyang jumaat. Masa balik pun dia ada lagi. So Farih dengan semangatnya bawa dia balik. Dah siap bersihkan, then dia hantar kat umah I untuk I jaga.