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Terrific Thursday

Credit Photo - Mohd Faizul - Pejul

Kifarah Hidup

Sometimes, life isn't happen like you wish. It will be - Allah give you the other way round or He give you better one or more than you wish. The key is just 'patient' and do not stop to pray. Allah heard whatever we said  although we just whisper it soundly or we just keep it at our heart. I still remember how I cried to get someone that I love back to my life, but I been insult like I am the one who should be blame on. I just pray to Allah to give me a better way, better life and a strength to face all the things. Although its really hard, but I did it.

My advice, just simple :
Please don't pray bad things to happen to other people, although that person treat you badly. You do not know when is your life will came across again. As Allah know and He will do His part.

Fate is full of irony, what you dish out will come back for you.  You will get served what you deserve That is fact of kifarah hidup. 


"Jika  orang mencelamu  maka hakikatnya ia tel…

Ratna Solemnization - 6 oct

Happy newly wed for Ratna & Wan May your marriage last till Jannah. All our bless & pray will with you always.

Cantik kan Babies Breath? 

Credit photo : Faizul & Emma

October : Miss U, Love U

Today is 4th Oct, that means we was 24 days apart and this is the longest time that we do not see each other. My FiancĂ© now stay kat Taiping. This is what he does on my wall tak termasuk sms and call yang selang sejam. Sampai ari tu I termarah dia, sebabnya I tension keja then tak tau nak marah sape dia plak yang jadi mangsa. Sorry ye selalu je kena marah dengan I. Thank you for your concern, tanya I dah makan ke belum, makan ubat ke tak kalau sakit. Ensure I breakfast and tolong tenangkan I bile I tension keja. I takde kawan dinner and kawan nak bergaduh. Thats the most part yang paling terasa. 24 days without argument with him.  Thank you dear for loving me as I am & I really miss you. Macamane la rupa dia nanti bila jumpakan?

Last nite we having small celebration for Ratna before her solemnization on 6th October. Within 2 days she will be Puan Ratnasari :) So happy for her.  Me, Emma,Mas, Pedos & Pejul have own task include Nilam - Ratna's Twin.

Emma & Pejul…