Thursday, May 27, 2010

I’m Back

I missed this place so much! Yes, I am.

Not really busy but now is a time to make money for my future.

Move from old job to new job with better offer is making my life change a lot. As now I’m working with DELL as Care Specialist to support Australia & New Zealand customers is very challenging.
Most people asked me why I’m quit from Fairview then quit from BERNAMA as TV Reporter.

The answer is I can’t stand with the company whose promise me a thing but never fulfill it.
1 year working with Fairview is enough for me, cause the salary never increase – damn it

After that I’m working with BERNAMA – the manager didn’t disclose that there is no EPF, SOCSO & there is no telecast allowances for new hire, although your news been use for the whole day – sound ridiculous rite?
And more ridiculous although your writing is really bad, but you can manage to open up Post Paid Maxis you can be hire by BERNAMA – Penang, few friends been terminate just because of air-cond usage in the hostel.

Enough about BERNAMA & Fairview- I’m with DELL right now.
The engagement day start on 27th April 2010, and today will be 1 month I’m with DELL.
As permanent staff I have a lot of benefit such as my car hire & purchase under my name will be pay by DELL, 10 times my basic salary. Buy 3 systems from DELL per year, eligible for friends and family. Monthly F&B allowances. Dental & Hospitalization, vision care under company, team building bill sponsored by company.

My time working is follow Australia & New Zealand time, I just have 6 days public holiday and as Malaysian citizen we have a lot of public holiday, DELL pay triple pay for every public holiday that
we have to work.

Money is really important to me right now + Family + my love one&only.

Have to work hard for the future plan :)

Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Dear all,

Sorry for being 'closed' and 'silent' for a month.

This 2 months kind of busy with a few things, kind a tired to face a few unexpectable 'events' in my life.

But, happy with my life now. Pray for the best things to happen in my life.


Misa Amane