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Kisah Dania Qistina - Doa Untukmu

I was surprised when I saw my friend’s status in FB yesterday.
I never imagined that these things happen in the area where I live. Never. It's like an arrow sharp jerking my daydreams.

Pastinya, ramai orang dah baca newspaper pasal issue budak perempuan 3 tahun mati didera ibu tirinya.
Sesiapa yang tak baca lagi sila ke link ini

Selalunya bila kita baca berita kita cuma akan cakap ‘kesiannya budak ni…’ tapi macamana kalau kita baca berita dan orang yang tersiar dalam berita tu orang yang kita kenal? Mengucap panjang....i’m speachlees.
It was like, what are the hell this person thinking??? What are type of person you are?

Masa dapat tahu berita tu, I terus google & call my parents. My dad was answering the phone, he said both father’s (who used to be my ex-classmate & my senior at the school, consider close friend last time) & the step mother was arrested last 2 days at Felda Tenggaroh 6.

My dad said t…


Ever you feel that you are
worthless? the wasted?useless? Trust me every human being ever felt that, sometimes when they're down I did not experience the same exceptional
.....and everyone has their own way to deal with it what would you do if you feel worthless? How about me? I will take my own time to bring my spirit back. as not easy to bounce back but believe me when you are ready to bounce back & get your spirit come along, you will feel better & sure the better person that you will be. How many people have failed many times, and then became more successful in their life? I had learn many things in my life, I'm not learn enough... we thought we knew a lot, but apparently a lot more that we do not know. Its call's a mystery of life, I wish that I will be a better person day by day. No one can let me down unless Allah not allow it. I love my life now & then! Appreciate every single moment be as Nordiyana Md Aini . . . Note : I feel like useless at this time because…