Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Holiday 2012 & 2013 part I

I now its pretty late to post the story, but I think I should post it so boleh la buat cerita klasik untuk masa depan. First of all my holiday start on end of last year 2012. Which me and all my bff went to kl and meet up with other bff that just work in KL. So start 27hb till 1hb its holiday mood. nothing much to do in KL accept makan, chit chat, shopping and the most important part is, shopping at Ikea.

Layan pic kat bawah. There is a lot of photo to show. Tapi takkan nk upload semua kan. Seriously, I never went to Aquaria before. This is will be first and last, melainkan if I ada anak, then dia merengek2 nak datang sini, kena la ikutkan jugak kan...hahaha.

me with Nilam, Ratna twin

me with Fedos & Pejul

Me with Fedos

Nilam with Fedos

Then Ikea is the best, benci gila tengok barang rumah yang cantik-cantik tu. nak borong barang yang besar-besar tu kena bawak lori la. tak kan nak bawak balik guna keta yang kecik tu. tu pun nasib la pegi dua kereta, If tak ada pulak yang balik naik bas sebab barang penuh. So few days in KL then balik Penang, keja few days (2 hari je keja) lepas tu datang KL balik lepas tu Bandungggggggggg....... (berapa byk lepas la)

Actually, lama dah plan pegi Bandung, since last May. Then Fadz, settle kan all the tickets. mase tu ada promo, so grab la. Memang plan nak pegi Jan 2013. Its like fresh treat for new year. Fresh treat la sangat...pokai u olls pegi Bandung, sebab shopping sakan.

There is a lot of changes, booked ticket on May, then October AA bagitau no more fly from Penang to Bandung. So ticket have to cancel get voucher or fly from Penang to Jakarta, or from KL to Bandung. but have to add in some money la. Its kind difficult to us, but Fadz manage to run the errands without any extra fees, then we decide to fly from KL to Bandung, with the same date. just timing tu la, banyak kali tukar. Adat la kan. I went with my Fadz, Kak Neni & Kak Ella. Its a girl trip,

We arrived at Bandung around 6pm. Bandung welcome us with raining. Sampai airport, supir dah tunggu. Then terus ke hotel, settlekan check in. We stay at Orange Homes. Then around 8pm macam tu we all keluar balik and start shopping at Rumah Mode.

To be continue.

Thursday, January 03, 2013

New Year 2013

I really cant wait for this trip! Shopping mopping kat Bandung. For sure I nak hunting for the good deals item kat sane. For B2B 2013 yang pesan barang, Insyallah I tak kan hampakan kalian.

Its not to late for me to wish Happy New Year to all of you.
Have a great year ahead!
May Allah Bless us always.