Friday, July 23, 2010

New Place

Just nothing to say.
As now is 5.57pm ~ just want to say that i really love my new place.
Near to the cafe, no need to climb to upstairs, near to parking area, no need to walk and pass another department to another department to reach my place.
Thanks to management to make my life easier :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Short Notice!

I hate SHORT NOTICE ~ or another words is No Notice actually.

About few hours ago, my bos was mention that my department have to move to new place as right we already merge to OTOG.

I have to bring my things to that place by today 6pm. and now 5.21pm I didn't pack up my things yet ~ waiting for any prince to come and help me :)

I will be at new place, new desk, new environment, meeting new people tomorrow ~ my friend already remind me that the area that i'm going to move down have a lot of Philippine, Thailand, Korean and a lot of guys, sure tempat tu hectic and bising :(
NVM, i will make sure that i can adapt with that new environment!mana tau bleh blaja ckp philipine lps ni, or Korea maybe....hahaha ( my big bos is Korean but have USA minded as his living in California for 35 years)

Bye...want to pack up my things now!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Heavy Rain

The flip flop was given by kak Yus, the tasbih by Dr Kipli Rahman, The strawberry from Mr Daud ~ thanks to them
Photo By Mr Farih ~ My Sayang

There is nothing to write about, just think why people didnt turn on their cars light when is in heavy raining.

Dont he think that it might be cause an accident?

This morning, the boyfriend having morning assignment at Tg Bungah, so he not able to send me to my work place (since im working in Dell every morning the bf for sure send me tau...i did drive only if he got course or meeting in the morning ~ the rest he drove me :D) bila lagi nak manja and di manjakan kan? hahaha...

back to the issue, it was 8.20am and raining heavily, normally it will took 10 mins only from my apartment to reach my work place but for the special case like raining or accident it will took 1 hour to reach there ok...i drive as usual, but then im so pissed off because some of the car didnt bother to turn on his light, dah la kereta warne hitam ( i dont mind what color actually) just bengang and kesian to the drivers yang nak take over the line, they really cant see your car at the back!

Pity to those who ride the bike as well, because some of the car just simply pass them with high speed, so apa lagi tersimbah lah air kat jalan tu pada orang yang bawak motor. Kesian diorang baju basah.

people out there use your common sense la, it doesn't mean you can then you should do that.

For the drivers car with this plat number PHX 9908 and WDK 3311 ~ please la you are not the only one using the road!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Its All About Me!

Dear blog,

I quit long that I didn't update you.

Today is 14th July 2010.

I’m still at the office to settle all the report before I can go back to my home.

I might be have a new ‘home’ after this but this blog still remain to update all my activities.

The new ‘home’ is more on my preparation to be bride on next year.

As 1st July 2010 Mr Farih already meet my whole family and discuss about the engagement day.

I can’t believe that Farih is so gentlemen because he took 2 days AL for him can go to Johor and meet my family.

4 days he spends his time with my family especially with my dad. Both of them really look like a son and father, because they have same interest and same taste on food as well. As most of my friends know that I don’t have any brother so Farih will come as very 1st brother to all my sisters and 2nd man in my life now.

For the Johor trip Farih made a surprise when he bring a ring to show to my mum and dad as a mark that I already taken by him.

“Pak cik cincin ni saya bawak skali sebab saya nak pak cik tau saya serius dengan Diyana, harap kalau ada orang minang Diyana macam ari tu boleh lah pak cik cakap yang Diyana dah ada orang punya”

I feel so touch when he said like that, because I can see on his eyes that he really mean it, he not lying. Among the boys that I meet up he is the only can show his confidence, his honor and loyalty.

I remember on 20th March 2010 when he bring me to his hometown, that time both of us didn’t have any relationship it more to best friend and as we work in the same place we are more closer compare to others (ye la time assignment he will be my cameraman and I become the reporter for him). I meet his ‘opah’ who at the 1st place thought im not Malay….hahaha then after that for 2 days at his home I feel comfortable, they all like a family, and on the way back to Penang he ask me that he like me and they way I treat his family. I told him, that I not prepare for that and he said I can slowly to know him better.

And up until today we are closest friends, loving couple and best enemy as we always fight for our own believe. (slalu gaduh tak sampai 5 minit pun, then baik smula). Although Farih is 5 years younger than me I still respect him. He’s the one and only.

As my finger already has the ring (ring on the finger) as mark I’m already taken by him. Thanks to Allah SWT.

The engagement set up on this coming Syawal and the family will discuss further more on the arrangement when they meet up again.

Right now both of us so busy looking for a house to buy, we have few in mind but didn’t decide which one yet. Luckily we no need to worry about the transports as both of us have 2 cars and 2 bikes (btw i dont mind if anyone said that is just local car or what, rezeki Allah SWT yang bagi, betul tak?) Just say thanks to Allah...HE the one who approve it we as human down here just propose if Allah call it to take it back, we have accept..and just don't give up to live your life.


Diyana Aini @ Misa Amane