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HatYai Story Part II

Sun rise with the bright smile - Welcoming Us

Sumber dari SINI

We reach Changlun, Kedah around 7.30am. Had our 2nd breakfast (baru jalan 3 jam dah ada 2nd breakfast) & get our passport to prepare the arrival & departure pass before it submit to Thai border. After 30 minutes we reach Bukit Kayu Hitam, Malaysia custom. After screening (you can choose whether to use normal screening, means go to the counter or auto screening is like you have to pass one machine look like a train pass commuter, put the passport then place your right thumb until it turn to green)

After that, our group sampai kat border pass Thai, bring all the bag that bring in then go to the counter to get the passport to chop. If you go by a group the chop is free, but if you go by individual you have to pay RM1 per chop.

When you reach the border you can feel the Thai already sebab sempadan Thai memang meriah, you can see all the women sells the food in every road side. That area call Dannok. We had to move to Sadao then reach & Hat Yai, Songkhla which is a metropolitan area located in South Thai.

Thai time is 1 hour later than Malaysia. First place that we go, mestilah hotel kan...check in, put all the bag there, prepare for the tour. We stay at Siam Center Hotel the price deluxe room is around RM70 per night. The first impression about the town is Hat Yai sgt bersih. Dekat roadside memang susah nak ada sampah. Kami ke Market, that place is the place for shopping, actually there is a building which divide by two side, pasar kering where they sells fruits, dry food, handbag, clothes & the other side is wet market, sells the beef, chicken & vegetables. Normally in Malaysia, after the wet market you can see all the waste is like everywhere & the smell like urrgghhh...but there is so impressing, sebab all the seller put the waste in one plastic bag & they put by themselves into the big dustbin. After the pasar is like MPPP in our country just come by took the big dustbin & sweep little bit only. Some seller might be not put the waste into the dustbin but they gether all the waste in one place then the so call 'MPPP' took it after that.

Hat Yai bersih walaupun byk stall dekat roadside & I tak worry nak makan hawkers food! because they are clean & one thing some of kedai makan masak dekat belakang kan? but in Hat Yai you can see they cook in front of you & you no need to worry how they cook the dishes.

HatYai town, you can see Honda & Toyata is like Perodua or Proton in M'sia.
Their public transport is Tuk-Tuk,very fast & its Daihatsu 850cc only.
Rate within town is 20bhat per person during day time & 30bhat at nite time, but still can discount!

After had a window shopping at Market, walk along to wet market then we went to Lee Garden Plaza, is one of a shopping complex in Hat Yai. You can see all the fashionable clothes & Shoes Made in Thailand there. Lagi satu, kita akan dapat lihat keterbukaan mereka menjual barangan. Senapang / pistol angin dijual terbuka & is a full set tau no need a license to buy it!

Our first food in HatYai is Thai Chicken Rice, Beras Siam taste agak different dgn our beras here. Thats why beras siam mahal & susah nak bawa masuk Malaysia. The sauce pun lain, the combination of Thai Chili & taucu memang taste! Our lunch for two of us is Thai Chicken Rice = 70 bhat = RM7+ Malaysia, Drink 30 bhat = Rm3+ Msia, so all total 100 bhat.

Then we walk along to the city, found the handbag shop all is just 299bhat per bag. All is new arrival & new design from Bangkok. Imagine kedai tu nampak exclusive & full with handbag. All bag is on only 299 bhat! tell me how I can't scream when I see those lovely handbag?? 299 bhat with the soft leather, unique design & the color is oohhh! 299bhat = RM29.90
I sempat beli satu masa brown color tu then next day datang lagi & bought another 1 for Ratna Red color! En Abi memang pening la tengok cara I pilih handbag, semua I try depan cermin. Satu-satu that lady tu bawak tunjuk new design kat I. Biasalah pompuan kan?

Drink it inside the bamboo!

Ice Cream - you can choose which flavor that you want!
Its around the Market area

Floating Market not same like in Bangkok.

They sell mostly fry, lemak & sweet food yang I tak makan, takut balik Malaysia I punye tonsil datang balik.

Then after round the town, we back to hotel sebab dah tak larat nak jalan & is just 1pm only. So back to hotel, rehat till the next program! I watch the Thai TV. Channel dia banyak...then everything in Thai Language even Hollywood movie tau! no translation. Ada satu channel tu memang about the royal wedding Prince Will & Kate je. Commercial Thai memang funny tau! tak faham but from the visual tu memang bleh buat kita ketawa berdekah-dekah.

Then lepas rehat, me & En Abi ke tingkat 2 hotel utk rase Thai Massage! Sesiapa yang ke Hatyai tapi tak cuba diorg pnye massage memang rugi tau! sebab berbaloi-baloi. for 2 of us, 2 hours per person is 480bhat only! means RM24 untuk 2 jam per person. Imagine is a hotel massage, murah kan?
Menariknya Thai Massage ni, you tak payahlah nak segan-segan kena buka baju segala. Dia akan bagi pijama suit & Thai massage tidak memerlukan minyak! Kalau guna minyak pun, minyak tu tak rasa melekit kat badan kita.

6pm in Thai is like 8pm in Malaysia.

After massage we continue our trip with Dinner time & night market! Shopping lagi.
We had our dinner at one kedai makan yang jual tomyam! Dah datang Thai mesti la makan Thai food kan? Our dinner Tomyam putih, Telur Bungkus & Kailan Ikan Masin. Menu biasa, the cost around 300bhat. Kat sini Nasi putih is 20bhat = RM2. Teh Tarik 27bhat = RM2.70. Sape orang penang yang memang tak bleh tinggal roti canai tu harga dia 15bhat = RM1.50 sekeping but makan dengan green curry thai. no kuah dhal k!

Night Market its Shopping time. Tempat ni lebih kurang macam uptown Malaysia. Tapi harga dia memang gila murah. Kasut/sandal/wedges you can get range 99bhat to 120bhat = RM9.90 ke RM12.90. Tali pinggang lebar tu semua 100bhat. Imagine same skirt yang I bought in Malaysia RM35 kat sane cuma dalam 150bhat = RM15 je? gila murahkan?
Jeans, Jacket, Tshirt & make up stuff memang murah compare dgn tempat kita. Most made in Thai!

Night life in Thai! memang sesak dengan vistors, local ppl & kenderaan. Tapi yang peliknya tak jam pun walaupun kenderaan berpusu-pusu. I must agree that Thai ppl are polite, although not much of their ppl cant speak our language they will try their best to help you out. Mereka ni sabar bila treat customer & reminder from our tour guide, please dont say the bad words, such stupid or crazy in Thai ! Thai language Ting tong = Gila!

Kenderaan bermotor tidak mengunakan helmet & naik motor 3 orang bukan 1 kesalahan di sana. Jarang dengar bunyi hon, walaupun keadaan sibuk sangat. kenderaan jarang bagi signal, but when the driver wanted to 'potong' another car diorg memang sgt confident & tak teragak-agak! According to one of our new friend in Thai , name Anas - accident memang sukar terjadi di Hat Yai walaupun town sangat crazy!

Anas is one of Hotel Siam Center staff, he saw us in the hotel while we waiting to another team member. He approach us, but agak susah nak berbual dengan dia, sebab dia memang tak faham langsung Malay & kurang fasih bahasa inggeris, terpaksa la mengunakan bahasa isyarat & certain words yang boleh kami memahami apa yang cuba Anas sampaikan. Imagine katanya Bangkok ke Hatyai is like 10 hours via using Bus & by plane is 5 hours. But he never went to Bangkok before because it bit costly & he happy live in Hatyai.

One thing that I notice, klinik gigi memang banyak terdapat di Hatyai.

All the hawkers food will last until 12am.

Sweet :)

Close up


Comelkan kereta tu? we found this during the night walk.

Kepada lelaki-lelaki waktu malam di Hatyai adalah sesuatu yang mereka nantikan! sebab most of Thai ppl akan melepak di Club, bar & lounge. The most interesting to them is Thai Girl Show!
Tiger Show tu macam you watch movie, but its real happen in front of your eyes. duration 1 hour, 450bhat with one glass coke/beer. I tak pegi la, but some of our team member pegi tengok, so, they tell me the story, jangan sekali-kali keluarkan kamera atau cubaan untuk merakam, sebab tidak dibenarkan sama sekali. They will take your phone/camera!

Then next day, nothing much that we do, just shopping again. Walk around the town. 1 Hour before departure, we had foot massage for En Abi & manicure-pedicure for me. Foot Massage is 1 hour around 300bhat but got disc 250bhat & for manicure-pedicure is 200bhat. Memang terbaik dari Thai.

Tips & experience
  • During my trip I bought Thai Bhat in Malaysia 1000bhat = RM102 agak mahal sikit. Then change in Changlun RM300 = 2990Bhat
  • After that we change it at Hatyai, its better you change in Hatyai it self & i recommended you change at Konsortium (alah...bas konsortium tu) the shop is in front of Lee Garden Plaza, as you can get better rate than Msia.
  • You can see a lot Malaysian are there.
  • Getting to know little bit Thai words!
  • Don't say bad words
  • If you don't know just ask, they are really glad if they can help you out!
  • Thailand negara yang tidak pernah dijajah jadi bahasa Inggeris bukan keutamaan, sehinggakan di cinema semua movie dalam bahasa Thai.
  • If you have extra money, better to go there using plane rather than take bus or van, sebab bila weekend kat border amat sesak dengan orang utk chop passport. You can spent there like 3 hours for both border Malaysia -Thai masa balik tu.
  • if you into shopping, just go to the night market! its worth it.
  • bring extra bag because you'll be back with a lot of stuff!
  • Sesiapa yang suka make up kereta boleh beli sport rim kat sini, sebab murah & banyak pilihan
  • Sesiapa yang suka kereta dia jadi macam disco, pa system murah & terbaik, pioneer tau! jual kt tepi jalan mcm tu je woo!
  • Selain tu untuk perempuan yang suka berdandan & nak cantik, in their saloon, have eye cleaning, ear washing, hair treatment, nail art including polishing, manicure, pedicure, hair slice (x sure apa yang dia buat), rebonding, coloring, perming plus foot massage & the price sgt wallah! A lot of shop & you can choose nak pergi yang mana satu!
  • Blackberry Curve & Bold just around 6,690Bhat = RM669, original! Samsung Ace in Malaysia = Samsung Cooper in Thailand. Rasa nak borong phone lepas ni! Anyone nak order? hehehe...

Me with En Abi (we with our new clothes & my new handbag)

kredit photo to Kenny Leow- our official photographer

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hat Yai Story Part I

Sawa Dee ka...Khun sabai di mai? Chan sabai di ka... chan rak Meuang Thai! are you? I am fine...I love Thailand!

Hehehe...nak tau ari tu I sempat belajar bahasa Thai dengan my collegue, Lim Teik Lai mase dalam bas, on the way ke Hatyai. Sempat la know few words & rules how to speak Thai. Basically women say "ka" at the end of a sentence while men say "krap" & women is 'chan' & man is 'pom'.

So I need to know few words in order for me to survive in Hat Yai.

I packing my stuff 1 hour before nak bertolak. My house to Dell around 10 mins sebab tak jam. Boleh budget masa la bf ~ En Abi dgn muka sememeh baru bgun tido antar I pegi ofis, I senyap je mase on the way tu sebab kalau brbual mesti I nangis sebab dia tak bleh nak ikut....

Sampai ofis, few friends dah sampai. Sementara tunggu bas, we all mingle around, sebab this trip we all boleh bawak friends & partner. So introduce my En Abi kat another bf friends & my new manager, Kok Hooi. My En Abi quit close dgn few my team mate, sebab before this kalau ada trip memang I bawa dia. Semua orang pujuk dia suh pegi bila dia sampai pagi tu. I cakap tak boleh, nanti jadi apa-apa sian plak kat I (patutnye sian kat dia, I plak yang lebih)

The arrival
Ivan - Our emcee cum singer

Lucas & his wife, Sam yang best!

Then, lepas semua orang dah sampai, I pun dah letak bag dalam bas, En Abi pun dah balik. Dalam bas tu seat dah ada arrangement. I kena duduk dengan En Abi (sepatutnya). So, seat I kosong la...pemandu bas nak announce yang bas dah nak gerak & our emcee si Ivan tu pun dah ready nak remind pasal benda-benda yang kitorg kena patuhi during travel. Suddenly my phone ringing, En Abi rupanya...

'Syg...suh diorg tggu Abi nak amik passport' (betul ke ape yang I dengar?) trus dia letak phone. kebetulan my bos lalu kat my seat sbb nak check semua orang dah amik bfast. I bagitau yang En Abi change his mind & nak ikut...yeayyyy! Semua orang ketawa. Then my bos bagi tau kat driver suh tggu lagi 20 minutes. I risau gak kalau ada yang merungut, but luckily semua sporting & willing to wait for him.

Confirmed En Abi tak mandi nih! After 15 minutes like that En Abi pun sampai, the moment dia naik bas, semua org tepuk. Muka sengih je dia, time datang kat I. I tanya dia, 'nape suddenly Abi jadi pegi? what makes you change your mind?', he replied 'Sian kat syg pegi sorang'. (hati dah berbunga-bunga, mood travel dah sampai) I luv U la En Abi ~ 'Abi ni drama la!' Ye la I tau dia memang tak nak pegi sebab takut jadi apa-apa masa kat border. Mesti semua orang tertanya-tanya kenapa En Abi tak boleh pegi. Nanti I citer k!

sleepy...Betty with her bf, Lucas & Sam, last kat belakang tu Me & En Abi :)

I bernasib baik En Abi ikut, kalau tak memang I kena makan & jalan sorang. Nak tau kenapa Sorang kalau En Abi takde? Macam ni, our team yang pergi ni around 30 ppls include me, En Abi & Asraf (is my Malay team mate), dlm group ni kami bertiga je Malay. Bila bab makan & jalan tu, the other team mate yang chines of course akan pegi yang tak halal. Even McD & KFC is not halal because they sell Pork burger, siap ada promotion Samurai Pork Burger. Gambar punye besar. McD kat Thai ni kalau halal mesti best, sebab menu dia banyak sangat (not plus with Pork menu k). Then tempat yang halal agak mahal. is like 2 times Malaysia money. Imagine kat food court dalam 7 kedai tu cuma 2 kedai je yang halal & tak banyak choice. Three of us pulak memang tak tau mane nak cari halal food. Tanya kat orang orang area pasar tu pun jenuh gak, nak faham bhasa isyarat dia. Most of them tak faham sgt english, bahasa melayu pun sikit-sikit je...

Our very first experience naik Tuk-Tuk!

To Be continue....Stay Tune

*Photo Credit to Kenny Leow - Our official photographer during the trip

Friday, April 22, 2011

Selamat Malam Malaysia

Selamat Malam Malaysia

Sebab I dah nak bertolak ke Hatyai, Thailand ni






Sedih sebenarnya, sebab yang I plan tak menjadi

Maksudnya ALLAH tak mengizinkan :)

En Abi sepatutnya ikut sekali

Hotel & transport semua dah settle since last month

Tapi atas sebab yg tidak di ingini, En Abi tak dapat ikut

This is something to do with his work.

I kena redha walaupun tak redha sebenarnya

(redha ke tak sebenarnya?)

Actually, I excited sangat nak pegi sebab nak berjalan dgn En Abi & shopping

Bila dah jadi macam ni, rasa macam tak semangat pun ada...

Nanti semua yang pegi tu my Dell team mate, but all are chinese & they all ada plan dah nak pegi mana.

Of course I pun dah ada plan nak buat apa dengan En Abi tapi....

semuanya tak jadi & I kena travel alone.

I siap dah ada MUST visit list tau!

I sebenarnya macam tak percaya je kena pegi sorang-sorang ni

Mintak-mintak la En Abi tu buat lawak je, tp memang bukan lawak pun

Sebab Bos pun kena sekali...arghhh tidak, I masih tak dapat terima kenyataan ni!

Bye :(

Hatyai Travel Guide -----> SINI

*menaip sambil menangis (gila syahdu ni, sebab kena travel tanpa En Abi disisi)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Save & Shopping

Mac 2010 - me after Puteri Hang Li Po Musical with my blue sling bag
Dec 2010 - With my ex manager, during Dell Dinner in HR - clucth Coach hitam June 2009 - during Emma wedding, with my rattan Pink bag

April is coming! (dah setengah bulan baru nak kata April’s Coming) And I got reminder to stop all thing that I love to shop by My mum & En Farih.

  • Dress or Shirt – bleh ke tahan utk tak beli walau sehelai blouse dalam 8 bulan ni? Jangan tanya la harga berapa sbb kalau kira2 balik mmg rase menyesal ~ menyesal jap je...

  • Brooch or sepit rambut – ok, brooch mmg byk tp I x bleh tahan kalau tengok design or warna dia yang cantik tu. Memanglah dh pakai tudung, tp kat rumah pun msti nak pakai sepit gak sebab rambut dah panjang ~ sebenarnya saja nak melawa dlm rumah....

  • Majalah or Novel – I gila beli majalah sbb suka tgk latest fashion style & tambah general knowledge. Mingguan Wanita I suka part masakan & info rumahtangga + fashion, Women Weekly is must have, Rapi – utk info kesihatan, Majalah Pengantin (majalah favourite utk sementara ni) & at least 1 novel a month. Kalau btul2 save mmg bleh jimat byk la… bayangkan Mingguan Wanita RM3.30 X 4(sebab dia kuar seminggu sekali) = RM13.20, Women Weekly RM5.60 (nasib baik tak kuar tiap2 minggu) , Rapi RM4 kuar sebulan 2 kali (x sure plak harga dia), Pengantin RM14.90, Novel range (RM18 and above depend on the pages or Malay or English Novel) Campur semuanya a month around RM61.70 or more. Kalau dapat save dlm 8 bulan total more than RM500 kira byk gak tu...

  • Make up stuff – I think it’s normal for a girl or women to buy all the makeup stuff, macam I eyeliner ada lagi pun still gatal nak beli lagi bila tgk review utk jenama tertentu, tp x pakai pun sbb dh biasa pakai satu2 brand tu, I kind of loyal customer. Kalau yg itu mmg yg itu jelah… tapi kegatalan tangan kiri memang tak bleh di tahan wooh!

  • Minyak wangi plak bukan senang nak habis, brbulan-bulan pakai. Tapi kalau tengok botol cantik sikit pun nak beli jugak. Tak cukup yang tu, gatal jugak nk beli yang botol kecik-kecik yang jual kat kiosk Tesco. Nasib baik tahun ni tak pegi Taufik al-Badjenid (sape duk penang kena tau tempat ni) memang gila jap, lepas tu pening tapi wangi sebab tempat tu pusat menjual pati minyak wangi, semua brand ada, tahan lama, xde alcohol & siap bleh combine nak wangian macamana. Harga pun murah la, sebotol yg kecik (x sampai 10ml) harga lebih kurang RM3 ke atas…

Tapi senang ke nak buang tabiat (bukan buang tabiat nak mati) yang biasa kita buat? Ape pun I kena gak bertekad untuk berjimat semula, sebab simpanan yang tahun lepas tu dah ada senarai menanti untuk dihabiskan.

Pasan tak kat senarai atas tu tak mention pun pasal handbag? I sebenarnya paling susah nak beli handbag. Sebab I sangat cerewet untuk memilih handbag, kalau I selesa dengan handbag tu memang I pakai yang tu jelah. Setakat ni aku ada 6 bag, 3 bag (2 hitam 1 putih) untuk shopping & keja, bag tu besar & bleh isi apa saja yang I nak. 1 sling bag yang diberikan oleh my cousin since last 2005, imagine bag tu tahan sampai skrg & I still pakai bag tu utk casual activity. Bag pink & hitam Clutch for dinner & kenduri kahwin. Last shopping bag mase tahun 2009 - lama kan? Kat situ je lah boleh save pun, yang lain? Sila faham sendiri lah kan....Sila refer pic above me with my bag. Maybe you guys can give me idea how to choose right handbag :)

Lagi pulak bulan ni 23 & 24th April ni nak ke Hatyai, boleh la I beli handbag kat sana, Kawan & my mum dah pesan handbag. My mum byk handbag, most design yang dia suka tu mmg class la. Nasib la separa kos hotel & transport di tanggung Dell sempena Teambuilding Q1 boleh save untuk beli handbag.

To ladies, Please take care. have a great weekend! btw I found this blog Kak Aida, air mata boleh mencurah-curah bila baca kisah dia. I doakan Kak Aida tabah menjalani hidup. Hanya wanita yang memahami wanita kecuali wanita yang ada cop Pisang di dahinya sahaja yang tak akan faham!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Love Her

copy from Thalia bio

I love her because she born on the same date with me (not same year)
I love her because she is luvly lady
I love her because she is fashionable
I love her because she is Thalia

Enjoy her songs
Lets dance together!