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Ramblings of The Week

::senyum dalam stress::

What will you do, when you have to face unexpected?
Mad, Frustrated, Piss Off, Pleased or Just Stay Cool?
Actually last week isn't a good week for me, a lot of unexpected things happen. But, I am lucky enough that I have family, friends around & lovely En Abi to help me out...
Ramblings #1 Morning - on Monday, my department have 2 peoples only working that day. After 1 is resign, 2 is moving to another department & 1 is MC. I work like hell...
Rambling #2 Evening - on Monday, En Abi accident. He drove my car that day on the way to fetch me from work...I am sad, piss off & ......Thanks to Yani for drive me to clinic (I was nervous + my healthy screen shows not really good result)
Triple trouble....
Rambling #3 Morning - on Tuesday, sms from my colleague...2 of them is MC, 1 is migrain and another 1 his infection is comeback after the alone & I am go crazy.

Rambling #4 those 2 days is dragging me till Friday...but luckily weekend is arrive…

New Project

Can't wait for new project coming in.
I know that this project going to eat up all my weekend, but I still happy & excited.
Working with children & young people is something that I really love to do.

Will tell you guys more about it after the meeting tomorrow.
Hint : Living Museum, 100 participants, Curator, Armenian Street & Acheh Street.

Stay tune for more updates.


I had 2 dinner to attend last week. One is for farewell dinner for Seno who resign, his last day on 10th June, so the farewell on Thursday. Johnny's will be our choice, ke my own choice & made ppl agree with me? hahaha.... Actually, that's really sad day for us, although i'm working with him just for few months only, but the cooperation & the hard time that all of us need to go thru is make us really bonding to each other. Because we need each other. This is just a small farewell made for 6 of us. Tak la buat the whole department. Tak sempat nak plan semua tu...
To Seno, don't forget us here..hope that we will meet again when you come back to Penang or we went to Jakarta. The most word his always say when we at cubicle, is 'Chinta, chinta' then he laugh, the other hand he love to sing a song 'Kalau berpacaran'. Selamat kembali kepangkuan keluarga Seno, we know how much you miss your daughter & your wife.
This coming 17th, Yani & Syukri go…


This is my first time ever blogging using iPad & Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Nowadays a lot of gadget coming out in the market. Memang tak terkejar la dgn technology ni. Actually, IPad ni En Abi punya. I'm not into Apple...luckily im not crazy fan of Apple sbb I rase it's look simple but to me it's complicated, compare dgn Galaxy Tab as I call it her as 'tabby'. I just using both for 2 weeks...what I can say, iPad it's too big to carry compare dgn 'tabby' cuma 7 inch je & when u carry it's rase mcm digital diary je....
Application in iPad kebanyakan berbayar, kalau 'tabby' kebanyakan,jimatlah nak download application & games.

iPad dont have camera, so if you nak upload photo u have to use URL, compare dgn 'tabby' ada kamera.
So, I prefer 'tabby', for my mobile internet, organizer, contacts, diary, keep photo, alarm, listen to music n you can using Think free office to keep your document.

Bila using this kind of gadge…