Thursday, June 28, 2012

Kiss Them Goodbye

My blogging spirit is coming back ^_^
Yeayyy…maybe excited about the HH kot or sebab currently major tool down kat office and tak tau nak buat ape untuk mengisi masa lapang…

Sape suka tengok Desperate Housewives (DH)?  *cepat angkat tangan tinggi-tinggi* I nak kire....
Okay, 1, 2, 3,...3 ratus,5 ratus, 10 ratus....... 2 juta...3 juta...ramaikan?
I adalah salah seorang peminat tegar DH, gila tak minat? dari season 1 I follow you tau..
Although there is CD available for each season, but I still tunggu on tv punye citer. Perasaan tunggu babak seterusnya , then tengah-tengah best tu tiba2 iklan…haih rasa yang sukar di gambarkan. Best tu..

I rase my both cats was fit themselves dengan kerenah I yang menangis bila tengok Tom & Lynette gaduh, cried again when 4 of them starting to fight and apart from each other’s, laugh when see Susan & Lynette fight just because to name their grandchildren. Who watch in ABC, it was finished few weeks ago. In Malaysia the episode still air every Tuesday on 8TV at 11.45pm (previously 10.30pm).
Repeat on Thursday, 11.30pm. Full season DVD is out already and my friend – Fedos did offer me to lend his DVD but I said wait till this season finished air in 8TV. Ape la I ni kan, ntahapeapentah….

My personal view, is DH plot is never be boring, it always an excitement on each part of the episode. It just sometimes, the recycle of the actors, example like Jane – Tom new girlfriend in season 8 it was the mother that fight with Lynette in season 1 due to the twin suspected having a ticks. But it’s never bother me. DH really the best shows to me.

Who did watch Oprah Winfrey - Desperate Housewives special? Please do, because its awesome!
Believe me or not from the survey that I do, who is the sexiest among Bree, Susan, Lynette & Gaby? 5 out from 5 peoples the answer is Susan!

Dear DH,

I will miss you!!


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sepet and her new friend

Sepet yang comel ni kalau tidur memang tak ingat dunia :)

Meet her new friends 'Princess Isabella' a.k.a kecik
Tengah fight tp berenti dulu sebab nak amik gambar...sabar je lah

Princess was found at the mosque , masa Farih nak sembahyang jumaat.
Masa balik pun dia ada lagi. So Farih dengan semangatnya bawa dia balik.
Dah siap bersihkan, then dia hantar kat umah I untuk I jaga.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Heritage Heboh Mood!

credit photo to Jacklyn Lee Siew Lian

Its will be my 7th years with Heritage Heboh & Arts ED since March 2006.
Starts with my intern-ship and now still standing tall shoulder to shoulder with Arts ED.
We are really like a family, work, play and having fun together.

So, for this 7th July 2012 we going to meet again!
For any pre registration program log on to - get your passes and get more info.
For the program that not required any registration, feel free to walk in and enjoy!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Event Update - Heritage Heboh

Living Museum details program is up!
Don't forget to book your pass. I will be meet you all for ODEON CINEMA slots.
Another 5 trades will be open for public on 6th, 7th & 8th July.
Lets explore 6 trades and welcome to the old Penang 

For T shirt printing program will be held on 7th July with exciting designs!
Feel free to come with your plain T shirt - we prefer white or black cotton Shirt.
Open for public from 1pm to 4.30pm.
Visit our section at Garden Lebuh Acheh, George Town
Besides that, there is another 7 programs along the day.
Go visit our FB event at - Heritage Heboh 

Come & joins us!

Friday, June 01, 2012

Got No Idea

Dah lama tak menulis, jadi macam takde idea. Banyak je cerita nak cerita, tapi sebab malas nak menulis cerita tu simpan untuk kita kita aje la.

Sebab sekarang ni busy sangat-sangat dengan Georgtown Heritage Festival.
Tahun lepas buat 1 program je, tapi tahun ni I tamak so, ambil 2 program.
Weekend selama 3 bulan semua terbang, dah la jemputan kenduri kendara, masa tu lah ada show yang best kat Penang Pac. Sudahnya rasa macam tak ber'weekend' je. *sigh*

Its ok lah kan, bila lagi nak buat kerja sukarelawan. I wish I could be full time volunteer for Arts Education, Insyallah 1 hari nanti. Amin....:)

For those who are happen to be in Penang, please come and join us on 6th July & 7th July for Heritage Heboh and our tour guide program. There is a lot a lot of activities that may bring you closer to Penang heritage. For those who want our very special design to be print on your shirt, please bring in your plain T shirt. The theme is about mix marriage.
You may log on to George Town Festival . The festival will be going on in a month start this coming 15th June till 15th July.

Don't miss it!

*My adorable Sepet*
Pic ni takde kena mengena dengan cerita di atas