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Over Reaction III - MyBalik Pulau

Arts ED have a meeting on board today. Here is the latest link regards the issue.
By Hafiz Zainuddin for Merdeka Review
By Suzy Sulaiman based on her experience working for Arts ED
By Khoo Salma Nasution founder of Little Penang Street Market
By U Jean former participants for The Malaysia Insider

Its rough writing from my side for the Speaking up for Arts ED, MalaysiaKini, Merdeka Review, Press & Media before editing & visual attach.
Pertama sekali, saya ingin menzahirkan kekesalan & kekecewaan saya terhadap isu MyBalik Pulau yang ‘sengaja’ di politikan oleh pihak tertentu untuk kepentingan mereka sendiri. Saya terkesima bila mengetahui isu ini diperbesarkan dengan ‘tagline’ hina melayu. Adakah individu terbabit yang memulakan isu ini tidak mengkaji terlebih dahulu siapa ARTS ED &…

Over Reaction II - MyBalik Pulau

Updated: Isu MyBalik Pulau – so far Arts ED had face 20 reports from the various people & NGO's, Arts ED already give the cooperation on the investigation. We leave it to the police to investigate further on this issue. To all who support Arts ED, we are truly appreciating it. Here is the feedback & press statement from Arts ED.
Press statement -

Speaking up on behalf Arts ED -

MyBalik Pulau Memo -


Photo taken by Farih - during a Cameron Trip

I had few things running on my mind now. Life will not getting easier when a lot of things need attention from your side either it can be in your plan or unplanned. Every people I believe not playing a single role in their life, you could be staff to your boss, you could be a mother to a children, you could be a daughter to the parents, you could be sister to your siblings, you also a citizen to a state & not least you also a slave to your creator ALLAH SWT.
I always have a thought that I didn’t share with others because not all our thought is acceptable & it might be cause of conflict. I am introvert in person but can be extrovert on the certain situation, can be mean & selfish at the same time but not all the time.
‘Isolate’ – first time I heard that word when I enter USM, studied in theater (acting & directing, note : it is not an easy course) this Isolate / Isolation (Pengasingan)- means as detached, separated. How we can…

Over Reaction : MyBalik Pulau

**Pls noted tht MyBalik Pulau program NOT have any hidden agenda such as mentioned by Azman Hassan, NO RACIST, NO POLITIC,it just purely to educate youngster to get know their own living area, to understand the culture & it based on the Oral history from the old folks** For those who think that I am pro BN or pro DAP/PKR you are absolutely wrong. I am a NORMAL Malaysian who born in Malay Culture & love Malaysia.

First of all, I really want to express my disappointment & frustration on the issue that they talked about recently – Risalah MyBalik Pulau Minta diharamkan kerana menjatuhkan & menghina Melayu. Saman Menyaman pihak yang tiada kena mengena, Isu gunakan kerajaan.
Ya Allah, how silly they can act about it, the issue been politicized by the individual/party who do not know anything what is MyBalik Pulau Project. MyBalik Pulau is a one part of project runs by Arts ED, Arts ED is a NGO run the education program for a youngster to give them awareness about the heritage b…

Feb Love Months

Lama betul tak update lepas peristiwa tergempar tu. Haih....bila malas menguasai diri memang macam tu lah. I baru je lepas recover demam, batuk & selesema. disebabkan terlalu panas, sampaikan I kena tonsillitis. Doktor kata sebab demam terlalu panas. Masa demam tu nasib baiklah I ada kat kampung the bf, lepas balik kerja hari rabu tu the bf berkeras ajak balik, I pulak berkeras tak nak ikut sebab rasa nak demam. Ingat nak rehat to avoid letih on the road. Sampai malam tu pun rasa dah lain macam. End up on thursday mase 1st CNY tu, I memang tak boleh bangun. Malu je pegi rumah orang terlantar je kat bilik. Tapi nak buat macamane, badan I memang panas sangat, bila malam pulak sejuk yang teramat. Kesian pulak kat the bf, Cu & opah yang risau & terkejar2 cari ubat untuk I. On friday we head back to Penang, but my fever still not ok. Klinik yang I selalu pegi tu pulak still tutup, another klinik pulak tukar tempat lain. Luckily got another klinik nearest dengan tempat the bf keja, …