Monday, February 22, 2010

Mana Bisa

Mana bisa aku tersenyum riang,
Kalau namanya saja dibibir Ku

Mana bisa aku pejamkan mata,
Kalau wajahnya saja muncul dibirai mata

Mana bisa aku tidur lena,
Kalau dirinya saja yang hadir dalam mimpi Ku

TUHAN, kenapa dia ada di mana-mana?

Menyesakkan mindaku
Meresahkan nafasku
Menoreh lukaku yang tak pernah sembuh
Dan air mata Ku seolah tak pernah kering
menangisi pemergiannya...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Though Decision

Last Saturday night after the SPORTS DAY event at my school FISP, Im going back to Johor~Mersing, my hometown. Feel good at home, but seriously I dont like JB town, I cant stand when all of us been caught in jammed. The traffic is so heavy, the contruction is everywhere, the road 'lubang' everywhere, the lorry is just simply use the road at any hour...I hate it so much! Since 2001 I left Johor for study the traffic never been good, it getting worse I guess. Everytime when i reach Johor i dont have any moods to go any place accept went to island or keep myself safely at home. My mum always told her friends her 'Puteri Berkurung' is home already...hahahaha, i dont know i dont feel like want to go out. I just want to stay at home, relaxing my back, watching tv, eat all the dishes cooked by my mum, play with my youngest sister Zarith Sofea...I'll be out only morning, went for jogging and sending Sofea to school...thats all i wanna do when Im home.

But this time is really short holiday, i went home saturday night then be back to Penang on Monday evening. Exhausted but I feel good, because i can talk with my mum and see her in front of me. The most part i dont like is when Im about to leave and see her eyes sending me back. I cant stand, i will cry, we were both cry.

My mum and my dad wanted me to stay near to them, they said that i been away from home so long, long since im 15 years old until now. I went for boarding school, then college, after that University and finally working far from them. I learn to live independent, I learn life, trying not to depend on anyone, stand by my own feet. Do it alone.

I have to think deeply about this. A lot of things i have to consider. Is not an easy decision for me to make. Until now, I dont have any idea about this. I still cant decide yet. But I pray for the best, ALLAH will know the best. I seek for HIS guidence and hope that HE will bless me always. Amin.

I won my 2nd Gold Medal this year, 1st gold 100m for Prudential Annual Athletes Meet Region and 2nd gold for 4X100m for Annual Athlete Meet FISP. I still can sprint like those good old days.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Dia : Bawa Aku

Pada dekat yang sedang menjauh
Pada cahaya yang sedang menyuram
Pada mentari yang kian meredup
Pada rembulan yang kian menggelap
Pada langit yang kian mendung
Pada cerah yang kian gelap
Pada rasa yang hampir mati
Pada rindu yang kian malap

Bawalah aku pergi dari ruang ini!


Telah aku katakan pada alam
Tentang dia
Dia itu sakti
Dia itu wira
Dia itu pahlawan
Dia itu segala-galanya utk aku

Dia cuma untuk aku